“The (wo)man at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there.”








After a lifetime of athleticism, two decades of entrepreneurship and nearly 15 years of owning and operating a studio that served hundreds of clientele, Summer has transitioned from Private and Small Group Pilates, to educating aspiring instructors and small studio owners on how to hone the craft.

Bring Summer as Guest Faculty to your Certification Course or Workshop to infuse your pilates students with holistic teachings on how to intuitively tap into the body, mind, and soul of their future clients. Whether they end up working with mothers/fathers, professional athletes, busy entrepreneurs, rehabilitative clients, or people who are serious about mastering their health, mind, and overall wellness and physique in general, Summer knows intimately how to service a variety of clientele. Physically, she’s seen it all – various injuries, pains, ailments, extreme tightness, lack of flexibility, weak core, compromised posture, compression, spinal misalignments, lack of mobility/range of motion, and a vast array of symptoms that resulted from years of lifestyle habits and choices. Business-wise, Summer will teach your students what it takes to become an entrepreneur, the secrets of attracting and retaining clients, how to charge what they’re worth, how to grow and scale their studios, and ultimately create a life and income they love.

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“Correctly executed and mastered to the point of subconscious reaction, these exercises will reflect grace and balance in your routine activities.”





After decades of attending workshops, seminars, intensives, conferences, continuing education and the like, Summer knows that there’s only so long humans can sit and pay attention for before they start to get antsy and need a break.

Some fun, stretchy, intentionally designed pilates movement is the perfect way to break up the brain fog and re-energize your team so they can come back ready to take in more information. She’ll have them laughing, breathing deeper, and literally sitting up taller. 

Whether or not your team members have done Pilates before, Summer is the perfect guide for them. She encourages gentle, simple movements that align the spine and give that burst of energy to help them get back into focus mode. Her verbal cues are impeccable she allows for zero judgement. Summer has a way to turning a collective group experience into an customized, individual inspirational sesh. Any and all levels can participate and benefit.

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I get this question A LOT. Pilates is a methodology that was created by a man named Joseph Pilates. It started in Germany when injured soldiers were stuck in hospital beds in need of rehabilitation. Joseph started strapping them up to the bed and moving their bodies in restorative, healing ways. It worked. Pilates then jumped over the Atlantic Ocean to New York and became popular among dancers, who’s bodies were also in need of rehabilitation. Again, it worked. It has the reputation of being elitist, although it is medicine for every BODY.

When done properly, Pilates has the ability to restore the body back into the anatomical position it was designed to be in. It heals. And when done on the front end before injury, it serves as injury prevention. It’s maintenance. Just as you get your car serviced so it doesn’t break down, Pilates is like getting an oil change for your body. It allows you do everything else you want to do in life – ski, hike, run, tennis, surf, you name it – pilates will get your body ready for it so you can continue to do what you love.


I have done pilates on and off for over 10 years and every time I take a break to try something new, I am never able to maintain the same basic strength, flexibility, and wellness that I have when I am doing pilates regularly. I am so happy to have found Summer and to be back on a regular regimen. Her teaching is amazing, and I feel stronger, and more vibrant than I have in a long while.

– Jen Lewin | Artist

Having spent the last two years working incredibly hard to start a business, my physical health was forced to take a back seat and suffered tremendously. It got to the point where the things I used to do for fitness were too difficult and painful for me to enjoy. A customized pilates program with Summer was the best way for me to get back to baseline, start feeling well enough to enjoy all the other activities again and improve my overall state of mind.

– David Mandell | CEO Pivotdesk

I’ve never been a fan of stretching, yoga, or anything that involves working out indoors, I’m an outside guy. However, after a few sessions with Summer, I quickly realized the power of pilates. My muscles recover faster, I’m way more flexible and I’ve gained strength in areas that my normal workouts neglect.

– Ryan Van Duzer | Filmmaker & Travel Journalist

Pilates with Summer has truly been a life transforming experience! My energy level is higher, my posture has significantly improved, and EVERYONE is noticing how pilates is transforming my body shape – EVERYONE! In addition to losing weight, I feel stronger and more confident! Summer’s caring teaching style and determination to help you achieve your goals at a challenging but doable pace, have turned me into a pilates girl forever! Thank you Summer!

– Dana | Spa Owner

The moment I saw Summer, I knew I had to do what she was doing and that turned out to be pilates! I’ve been training with Summer for six months now and I love my transformation. I have better posture and abs I didn’t know existed. I look forward to our sessions for a great workout, nutritional tips, and most important – power of self.

– JoJo Watts | Mother of Three

I have never been a self-motivator when it comes to exercising. Summer’s enthusiasm, professionalism, and positive energy make every pilates session an experience that I look forward to! Her clear instruction, dedication to her clients, and informative health tips allow for clear and positive results. I feel stronger, leaner, and happier after every pilates session with Summer – her energy is contagious!

– Johanna | Spanish Teacher

I noticed that pilates made me more aware of my weaknesses, whereas with yoga I can overcompensate more by using the wrong muscles. I have also been sore in areas where I have never been sore before – like the top of my abs where Summer tells me to pull my ribs in. I also really like the one-on-one time because it reminds me to engage the right muscles, reminds me to breathe, etc. Pilates also has made me aware of the misalignment of my body… I kind of knew it was there before, but now I realize that we have the potential to correct the misalignment by strengthening certain muscles and ultimately bring my body back into balance.

– Jennifer | Holistic Health Coach

I have been training with Summer for a month now and have already seen results! My posture has improved significantly and I have also seen progress towards more flexibility and strength. I plan on continuing and am looking forward to even more positive changes!

– Sara | Interior Designer

I grew an inch!

– Yonit Bousany | High School Math Teacher

I can’t believe how much my body has changed since I started going to Summer’s pilates class just six months ago! I had partial shoulder joint replacement 7 years ago and have tried nearly everything to regain strength and range of motion. When I started attending pilates classes, Summer offered modifications to work with my weak shoulder, but now I’m finding that I have gained so much strength that I barely need to modify exercises. This translates into such an improvement in the way my body functions in my everyday life. On top of all of these benefits, the class is FUN and the delicious beer afterwards is an added bonus!

– Carrie Riesberg | Summer Camp Coordinator at Thorne Nature Experience



Summer has learned that doing something active in nature is a KEY component in feeling grounded and finding clarity in life.

If you’re new to the adventure world, no need to fear. Summer has a process for helping you design the perfect (but not too perfect) adventure. She’s reminded time and time again that leaving room for the unexpected is where the magic happens. 

If you think you might be ready for an adventure, but you’re a little bit nervous, you’ll be in good hands with Summer. 

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“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”




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