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Before Assisting Others


Many years ago, Summer ran into a friend and they started catching up. The conversation felt automated, repetitive… lifeless. 

How are you?

I’m so crazy busy (with a recap of all of life’s happenings… same, same, blah, blah, blah)

Wow, I don’t know how you do all that! You’re SUPERMOM!! 

(in her mind) Yeah, I am SUPERMOM!! (as though it was some prestigious title to aspire to)

Then, it hit her. It’s as though she was outside of her body, listening over her own shoulder, suddenly realizing she was sick of telling and hearing the same story over and over again… Is this my life? Really?? It’s too much. Too fast-paced. Too monotonous. No time to breathe. No time for anyone to truly enjoy much of anything. 

This subtle awareness left Summer craving adventure, sexiness, simplicity, peace, happiness, and joy. But she was more than craving. She was determined. Hellbent. 

So she sold everything, moved to SE Asia and about two months in, while on the beach in Thailand, after finally slowing down long enough to actually EXHALE, her perspective on life as she knew it had changed forever. Summer had escaped the grasp of the suffocating rat-race just long enough to witness firsthand her ability to co-create anything she wanted in life.

and she had a realization:
The “Supermom” is NOT the way!! I am The Anti-Supermom!!

She had tested and proved a theory. And she suddenly felt a strong desire to share this news with others so that they too could find more happiness. In that instant, in August of 2009, Summer decided to write a book called The Anti-Supermom. What she didn’t know was that her commitment to happiness would lead to a brutal awakening.

IN THIS BOOK: Reality. A hidden life of abuse. Scary decisions. Morals and values shattered and renewed. Undying personal and maternal strength. Extreme hardship. And the slue of epic travel, adventures and latin lovers that followed as Summer fought to reclaim her identity and her life. Her quest for happiness, led to her rebirth and it turned out to be more beautiful than she ever thought possible. 

The Anti-Supermom might just help you reclaim YOU ♥ 

It’s like… Eat Pray Love meets 50 Shades of Grey meets Erin Brockovich


and then we found ourselves on a sailboat


In the middle of a turquoise lagoon. Just us and a few birds.

So much beautiful warm sun-kissed skin and long dark hair. We start kissing. I loved wrapping my fingers around his hair and twisting it firmly and gently into a ponytail.

He was sailing the boat with his toes as the rest of his body was otherwise occupied...

lover - que tal estas

bien. working. just got to coffee shop. you?

just got to [urban city]
about to relax and hop in the shower

oh a shower
that sounds nice
why am I here
I wanna be in that shower with you

yes me toooo
I want you in my shower right now
I would love to get you dirty in bed first
just to clean you up in the shower after

mmmmmm que rico

[sends video of him sitting naked in his elegant hotel bed, with his long dark hair just flowing to the side]

it’s so pretty
so fancy
we would be so naked right now if I was there

yes we would
I am already naked though

achhh stop
you’re turning me on

I am as well
I need u here

you have no idea how bad I want…

the day was hilarious from the start


It was 1pm and we were just getting on the mountain to ski for the day.

Hungover from the previous nights’ shenanigans, the Czech decided to make her famous crepes and I of course decided we needed mimosas. Naturally, it took us forever to get out of the house and as we were finally leaving, I noticed the wire latch on my snowboard boots had snapped – perrrrfect. One final detour in the village to get it repaired and alas, we arrived in the chairlift line, exasperated by everything it took us to get to this point.

hysterically laughing to ourselves: 
why the fuck are we just now getting on the mountain, it’s 1pm!!

We were literally HOT from laughing so hard that we started ripping off layers of ski clothes right there in the line.

And then I hear the accents behind us. Laughing at us. Wft, there they are AGAIN.


We decide to ride the lift together – well because there’s two of use and four of them and it’s a 6 person chair so it just made sense.

On the lift, I turned to look at the beautiful man next to me. I see his face. My eyes drop down to his perfect smirking lips. His smile. His gorgeous teeth. And his dimples. I feel his energy and in that instant I knew.

looking to the sky and rolling my eyes back, I laughed to myself:
omg universe. are you serious right now? I am totally going to make out with this guy. 

At the top of the mountain, there’s a built-in patio area with picnic tables and epic views. People are in costume. There’s music. Dancing. Kegs set in the snow. I run into an old college friend. Nostalgia was high. The scenery and energy ~ fucking gorgeous. Two feet of fresh snowy powder on the ground, blue skies and warm sunshine.

This beautiful man and I sit side-by-side on the wooden railing taking in the view. Smiling and laughing. 100% in the moment. Our arms and legs brushing against one another; neither one of us pulling away.

I’m in a state of total bliss.

We decide to take a group photo. He tells me the password to his iPad so I can unlock it and throw it to my friend. From the password, I gather it’s the year he was born…

curiously, I ask:
you are veintiuno? (twenty-one)

He is.

Thirteen years younger than me.

after some time, I say:
o you want to go make out in the trees?

not speaking much english:

I motion with my hands pointing to the trees and kissing my fingers:
besos in the trees?

he understands:
h, yes yesss!

So, in our bulky ski and snowboard boots, we walk down the empty catwalk, away from the group. Anticipation builds. Rushes of adrenaline fill my chest. We duck under the orange out-of-bounds tape and disappear into the trees. Nothing but a lotta gorgeous mother nature and fresh air surrounding us.  

We turn to face each other. His hand moves firmly along the side of my neck and up around the back of my head. The other one on the side of my face. He tilts my head with a gentle, confident touch and brings my lips to his.

Oh my god – the exchange of energy between us – it’s unreal.

His lips are perfection. His hands strong, and everywhere. We breathe each other in. Deeply. So much passion.

We’re knee deep in snow, and I feel so warm.

between kisses I blurt out:
what the fuck, do they send you to sex school in [his country]? how the fuck do you know all of this at your age?

He laughs. Doesn’t say anything. Just carries on kissing me. A few moments later…

have you 
ever been with someone my age?

I have.
Have you been with someone my age?

I have.

Our hands start to roam.





I’m mind-blown by his skills and his smooth suavé. We want each other so bad. With closed eyes, it almost felt like we were having sex.

And then, between kisses, in his soft, low, sexy, raspy, confident voice, he asks me if I would… 

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