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she’s positively impacted the lives of thousands


Summer first came up with the idea for the Anti-Supermom in 2009 while living in Bali with her children. Through her own experience, she realized that the act of behaving like a “supermom” was a destructive way of living. That running around doing everything for everyone else, while putting herself last, was not serving anyone. Not her, not her babes.

The Anti-Supermom is about putting your oxygen mask on first BEFORE assisting others. It’s not selfish. It’s selfLOVE.

If you want to create a fun, healthy, blissful life for you and your loves, you MUST prioritize the things that make YOU feel happy and alive. And then… watch the energy of your babes magically change before your eyes.

Stay tuned for The Anti-Supermom – the book! The inspiring, true, and hilarious story of Summer’s life. Coming soon to bookshelves near you!!


At rock bottom, Summer had no other choice but to learn the skill of manifestation – to harness the true, limitless power of her mind.

As a survivor of Domestic Violence, she rebuilt her life through adventure, movement, nature, and selfLOVE. Summer now shares stories with the world to help others navigate beyond their own challenges.

Audiences say she’s raw, unfiltered, relatable, authentic, and incredibly inspiring. Not afraid to talk about the REAL stuff. The HARD stuff. The things that MATTER.


Prevention Ninja says very wise to get yourself super solid and SOUND with your financial and estate affairs.

What will happen to your loved ones if something happens to you? Would they be okay financially? If you were suddenly in a coma, who would you want to make medical decisions on your behalf? You own a house and a business and a boat, but who will get them when you pass? Is your money growing?

Born into the world of business, entrepreneurship, and finance, Summer was literally pruned for this work. Perhaps it’s time to ensure you’re on the path toward complete financial abundance and independence. Perhaps it’s time to GET SOUND.


87% of people on this planet are living their lives on autopilot. Mindlessly moving from one thing to the next – never really stepping into their full potential.

Getting Naked is about shedding the superficial bullshit and being true to who you really are – underneath that mask you’re putting on for the world around you. It’s about letting your naked soul take the driver’s seat.

Summer’s been called a spiritual guide, a life doula, an intuitive healer. If you’ve been feeling restless – like there’s more to this life – you’re right. There’s so much more. Come find out how beautiful life can be when you’re naked.


Whether adventure travel, snowboarding, pilates, hiking or free-climbing faces of giant rock, Summer loves her solo excursions as well as leading others through their own process of reconnecting with their inner strength – in body and mind.

She’ll push you beyond your comfort zone and help you to feel more alive and confident – so you can stand tall and step back into the gorgeous, wise unicorn that you already are.

What are you waiting for? There’s no better time to become the strongest, sexiest, most badass version of YOU.


Summer always finds the most clarity and inspiration when traveling and adventuring in beautiful locations around the world. Throwing yourself into new experiences, into new cultures, with new people, is the best way to grow, expand and shift your perspective.

The Summit is the culmination of a lifetime of personal development work, the beauty this planet has to offer, and like-minded baby badasses. Push beyond your limits. Get outside your comfort zone. Align your body, mind, and soul – fucking LIVE.

For those who are done playing small. For those who are ready to uplevel. The Summit is for you.